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Annotation Edit is available now.

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Annotation Edit is now the first subtitle editing app to directly support editable subtitles with Adobe Premiere Pro CC Essential Graphics titles via Final Cut XML.

Added import and export of the early version of upcoming Netflix .ttal format for ADR.

Annotation Edit is also the first subtitle editing app to support YouTube SRV3/YTT with italics, justification, position, and vertical text.

zeitAnker Teletext supports Adobe Premiere CC Final Cut XML export with SDH colors and many more attributes.
zeitAnker Teletext is also the first subtitle editing app to support YouTube SRV3/YTT with italics, underline, justification, position and SDH foreground /background colors.

The package of this version includes a download link to a public preview of 64 bit versions of our apps. Essential for macOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon M1.

The latest preview version is released on Januar 16th 2022. Updates of the public preview will occur frequently.
Update channels for the preview versions are prepared.
The latest versions of the three apps include responsive audio scrubbing.

Stay tuned.

Annotation Edit includes extended support for Final Cut Pro X 10.2 or later.

Users of Final Cut Pro 10.6.1 shall use the 64 bit versions of Annotation Edit and zeitAnker Teletext.

Since Version 1.9.29 a free Scene Detection utility is included.

This update still remains free.

zeitAnker Annotation Edit gives you a sophisticated interface to attribute and subtitle video or audio in very short time. Therefore we developed techniques hardly found elsewhere and took the chance to build a clean and extensible product from scratch.

Latest News: Notarized 64 bit preview versions of Annotation Edit, Annotation Transcriber, zeitAnker Teletext and zeitAnker Scene Detection are available.
For Final Cut Pro 10.6 XML (.fcpxml) choose the 64 bit version.

You find the download link in the Annotation Edit package.
Special update channels are prepared for the preview apps.

The 64 bit version of zeitAnker Teletext adds import of IMSC/EBU-TT-D and iTunes Timed Text TTML for the hearing impaired.

Two videos showing creation of QuickTime movies with closed captions or subtitles are added to the services.
Show closed captions.
Show QuickTime subtitles.
Two videos showing integration with Final Cut Studio.
Subtitles in Final Cut Pro
Subtitles in DVD Studio Pro

Annotation EditZoom (73KB)
Refine your Quick Spotting right in the waveform time-line.
Drag ends while listening to the audio track. Redraw, add or delete spottings.
The example is taken from an historic noisy movie, printed to tape with black right border.
If you want ro see the whole movie with German subtitles here it is. The complete video for download can be found at archive.org Pedestrian Crossing. We will be happy to add your translations or closed caprions.

Features included:
SCC import and export, transcript import, DVD Studio Pro track item description import. Italic style, alignment and position can be imported from and exported to SCC, FCP XML, DVD Studio Pro STL and EBU STL. RTF export. FCP XML export with fades.
Reads native time-code offset. Support for Apple Remote Control.
Audio scrubbing, keypad shortcuts.
Lots of refinements.

Annotation Edit 1.2.1 introduced a new feature "Quick Spotting".
Let us call it "instant spotting". In most of cases this feature will save you vast amounts of spotting time.
Just have a look here at this movie. No tricks, all takes are done in real-time, showing instant spottings from several mixed-down sources, including a full-length feature film.

  • MS Excel XML import and export. MS Excel XML may include time-code offset information, as well as some logging notes.
  • RTF with time-code import and export.
  • Plain text, Plain RTF, MS Word doc, html can be imported with automatic duration calculation.
  • A fast logging mode has been added to quickly assign time-code to transcripts. No arenaline based live spotting, relax hit fast logging when the subtitle should disappear. Annotation Edit will try to set the corresponding start - by words per minute calculation.
  • If just need to feed in translations, you can feed in plain text documents and let Annotation Edit apply the time-code and styles from your spotted master track. Or apply Instant spotting to transcripts, just prepare the transcript with corresponding line delimiters.
  • New snap functions to reposition the start or end of a subtitle to the current time.
  • If you need to bring in frame-based time-code, the new time-remapping functions will help you.
  • DVD Studio Pro and EBU STL can write the native time-code to STL. No need for offsetting by hand before export.
  • Multiple illegal time-code values, overlaps, duration and text length errors can be found and often even fixed with one click.
  • Hard wrap long lines to apply to the technical specification of captions.
annotation edit, spottingZoom (69KB)
The waveform is automatically normalized.
Here we use waveform overdrive leverage the waveform rendering.
Quick spotting will detect even the finest details.

Your work in Annotation Edit is:

  • Media independent
  • Resolution independent
  • Hardware independent
  • Location independent
  • Language independent

Concentrate on your work, share, distribute and refine your work at any time and any place. Circumvent costly production environments.
Create teleprompter files for use with Apple Logic or Digidesign ProTools on the fly.

Zoom (215KB)

When it comes to video annoation and subtitling, two interface models are common.
The use of a timeline shows obvious caveats. Typical use leads often to repetitive zoom in and out tasks. At second text readability is obscured. We dismissed the timeline concept in favour of easy searchable lists:

Even thousands of annotation entries are managed in a very convenient way and more important almost instantly.

More Information here.